Utah Football Fans Podcast

Utah v Florida Betting Line, Polls, Pac12(10) future, Media Deals: Big10, Pac12, Would You Rather?

August 17, 2022

Utah v Florida betting line, recent polls, Pac12(10) future, Commish Kliavkoff at Media Day, Media deals: Big 10, Pac12, We respond to comments, Would You Rather: Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud? Get yelled at by Coach Whitt or Morgan Scalley? Spend the day shadowing Nick Saban or Urban Meyer? See Ohio State/Michigan or Alabama/Auburn? See Florida/Florida St. or Texas/Texas A&M? See Notre Dame/USC or Army/Navy? Have your rival win the CFP or you can never watch your team live again? Would you rather have the Utes win the national championship but have to have Urban Meyer come back as the head coach, or have Cam Rising win the Heisman this season but the Utes lose in the first round of the playoff?

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